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Comparative Study of 70% Glycolic Acid Versus 35% TCA Versus 1% Tretinoin Peel for the Treatment of Melasma

Introduction: Chemical peels are used in melasma to create an injury of a specific skin depth with the goal of stimulating new skin growth and improving surface texture and appearance. The exfoliative effect of chemical peels stimulates new epidermal growth and collagen with more evenly distributed melanin. Aims: The aim of our study was to compare the efficacy and side effects of 70% glycolic acid versus 35% TCA versus 1% tretinoin peel for the treatment of melama in sixty Indian female patients. Methods: We selected 60 female patients of melasma for the study. The patients were divided into three groups of 20 patients each. In Group I patients 70% Glycolic acid peel was used, in Group II patients 35% TCA peel was used and in Group III patients 1% tretinoin peel was used. Abbreviations: Results In group I (Glycolic acid group) patients, 65% reduction of MASI score was seen, in group II (TCA group) 59% reduction of MASI score was seen, whereas in group III (Tretinoin group) patients 50% reduction in MASI score was seen. Subjective response, as graded by the patient, showed good or very good response in 70% in GA group and 60% in TCA group and 50% in the tretinoin group. Conclusions: Considerable reduction of MASI scores was achieved in all the three groups with variable side effects with all the three peels.


Neerja Puri

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