Fixed Pigmented Erythema (FPE) Simulating an Initial Double Medallion Pityriasis Rosea of Gibert (PRG)

Fixed Pigmented Erythema (FPE) is a drug reaction. Pityriasis rosea of Gibert (PRG) is a cutaneous virus due to the reactivation of (HHV7/HHV6). We report here a case of FPE, the second episode simulating an initial double medallion PRG in a young adult. Our case confirmed the assertion that toxidermia is a major simulator of the other dermatoses behind the syphilis.


Akpadjan F*, Adégbidi H, Hodonou FD, Koudoukpo C, Dégboé B, Agbessi N and Atadokpèdé F

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