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Graft Assisted Donor Closure

Follicular unit hair transplant is a widely used surgical treatment for androgenic alopecia. One of the most critical and challenging part of a successful hair transplant procedure (FUT/FUHT) is minimizing the scar from donor incision. Sometimes, it is impossible to keep the hair short after hair restoration procedure only because of a wide scar. A number of techniques have been developed to lessen the donor incision scar during hair transplant (FUT/FUHT) including the trichophytic closure of strip FUT donor wound. Another possible option is to transplant hair grafts into the freshly sutured strip wound. Grafts for this purpose can be extracted from the beard/robust body donor areas. This, additionally, facilitates extraction of more grafts (wider excised strip) as the trichophytic closure is not required.


Poswal A, K Jain

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