Nosocomial Urinary Tract Infections

About 40% of Nosocomial acquired infections are urinary tract infections. About two third cases the origin of microorganism is endogenous but sometimes from the moist environment of the hospitals. Nosocomial UTI's develop when indwelling urinary catheter is contaminated with microorganisms. So the catheters impregnated with antibiotics are beneficial. The risk of NUTI's are reduced when the following guidelines are followed which means washing the hands with sanitizer, using sterile gloves, isolation of infected patients. Pathogens causing Nosocomial UTIs are having higher antibiotic resistance than pathogens causing uncomplicated UTI's. Initially standard regimen is given to treat the UTI's if it is not treated than the urine sample is sent to the lab to identify the causative organism. The antibiotic treatment depends on patient status whether she is pregnant or not, age, severity of disease. Various factors are also contributed to disease such as host, environmental, microbial factors.


Deepthi B, Gopika KT, Samyuktha KR, et al

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